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Why do you always have to be
raising capital?

"Start lining up even casual meetings with VCs 6 months prior to your raise"

He’s raised $750M in venture capital. Work on creating warm, familiar connections with as many of these VCs as possible.

Image Kevin Ryan
Frank Rotman
Founder Partner at QED Investors

"The fundraising process isn't friendly"

One of the biggest crimes in the startup community is to watch good ideas and good teams to go unfunded because the fundraising process isn't friendly to first-time entrepreneurs.

Image Frank Rotman
Frank Rotman
Founding Partner at QED Investors

"Fundraising can be an incredibly frustrating experience"

Fundraising can be an incredibly frustrating experience for startup founders because they are at a fundamental disadvantage: they know very little about the process, and investors know a lot.

Image Pedro Torres
Pedro Torres-Picon
Managing Director at Quotidian Ventures

More than 5000 verified investors

You will find all type of investor based all over the world thanks to the community of founders and the tools that help us to improve the quality of contact.


All your interactions in one place

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Integration with e-mail

Connection to Google, Microsoft and IMAP mail. Send, receive and schedule emails.

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Email Tracking

We track the openings and clicks on your sent emails.


¿Do you have questions? happy to answer them.

Does Ufounders take any commission from the money that moves on the platform?

Ufounders is an Investor relationship management, we do not charge commission on the money that moves on our platform.

Is there a limit to contacting investors and founders?

Depending on your plan you can connect with a number of investors and founders. Check your pricing plan for the number of investors and founders you can connect with.

Do investor emails also arrive in my inbox?

As it is an integration with the email service you use, your emails will also be on the email server you use.

Is the email address mine or is it a new one?

Ufounders has integration with Google, Microsoft and other IMAP services. You can integrate your email and send and receive messages from the platform.

As there are two users using the tool, can you send emails with the other email account?

Users who use the Ufounders platform can give permission for the other user to use your email account to send emails.

Can I upload my investor database to the pipeline?

Yes, if you already have documentation on other platforms, the portfolio team will help you transfer the information to our tool.

Can I create my own templates?

Yes, you can create templates: Profile > Settings > Pipeline > Manage Templates > Create Template. There you will have the option to create your own templates with the possibility to automatically include the link to your startup's profile in both English and Spanish. 

If I send the link to my startup's profile to other investors, can they see the information without registering on the platform?

No. The profile is public and they can view it without registering. The only exceptions are if they want to contact the person responsible for the startup, request access to the data room, financial projections and view documents.

Can I change my plan whenever I want? 

You can change your plan at any time, you will be billed for part of the old plan and part of the new plan you have chosen when you change your plan.

Can I unsubscribe at any time?

Ufounders has a subscription model, so you can unsubscribe at any time. Once your subscription is charged you will have access to the tool until the end of the last day of your subscription.

Do you get a discount if we refer to Ufounders?

If you refer to a startup and they subscribe to any of our plans, you and your referred founder will get a 20% discount for the next 3 months.

How can I get featured on the investment platform?

If you would like to be featured on the investment platform, you can send us an email to We will get back to you with the fees to be featured.

Is there a minimum stay length at Ufounders?

There is no permanence on our platform. It is a subscription model so you can unsubscribe and subscribe at any time.

Can all account users see all the information?

Yes, all users of the same startup work in the same pipeline. You will have one admin user and set up others as managers.

Can Ufounders only be used by companies?

No. It can be used by startups, investment funds, venture builders, accelerators, investment advisors... Ufounders helps you if you are managing an investment round or if you want to improve communication with your partners.

Can investors download documents from the data room when I give them access? 

Yes, if you give them access to the data room, investors who have these permissions can view the documents and also download them. 

What do I do when my investment round is over?

Our tool not only helps you manage the capital raising process. It also helps you in reporting to investors, managing communication with your partners and storing relevant company information.

Do I lose all my data if I no longer pay the subscription?

We keep your data for 15 days after the end of your subscription. After this period, your company information will be deleted from our database, except for information that is connected to other users. 

Can I know who is requesting access to the Data Room?

We provide you with the linkedin of all investors who request access to the Data Room, as they must be registered on the investment platform in order to be able to perform this action. 

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